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      Hi support!
      Loving the theme so far.

      Im currently having troubles with the translation of the back button in the side menu.
      We normaly use the “Loco translate” as sugested in your documentation.

      But so far searching for the translation string “back” doesn’t yeld any translatable string back.

      Preferable would be me not having to edit the template files to find the right string, hope you can help.

      – Flash Marketing.

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      Thank you for reporting an error. We fixed it.
      Please download and update the theme

      Sorry for our mistake.

      If you have other questions just tell us, we will answer with pleasure.
      Have a great day 🙂

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      Hi Owl team 🙂

      Did you guys make changes to the back button link again?

      After updating the theme last time the “Back”  button in the menu is now changed back from Danish to english with “Go back”.

      I tried to correct this with loco translate, but it doesn’t seem to make any changes.

      Also. we notice a small issue with category tags, if a post have more than one category only 1 category is displayed in the title area of the post content.


      I added some images, i also send an email with wordpress credentials if you guys need it.


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      Owl Themes

      Hi, Flash.

      It looks like the was an issue with the translation file. When we update the theme to 1.7.3, the problem was gone.

      We’ll add an option to display all categories later this day in 1.7.4. You will find it in theme options > blog > Show all categories in single post pages.

      Best regards 🙂

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