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      Question from a client:

      Hi I bought the dudent html template and even though i ve put my email address on order and send php the i don’t get any response from my patients and also i want to ask how i can modify the make an appointment template to put my working hours etc.

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      Thanks for your question.

      Change the line $to = "owlthemesnet@gmail.com"; to your email in the order.php and send.php files. The emails look like this:


      If you are not receiving emails from your website, it means the mail() function is not working on your hosting. Contact technical support and ask them to enable mail() for you.

      Also, check the spam folder in your email. If the emails are going there, you need to make additional settings to your domain and hosting to increase the trust of mail services. Technical support from your hosting provider and your domain registrar can also help you with this.

      To edit the form itself, you need basic knowledge of HTML. To do this, change the code at the bottom of all pages. Look for comments in the code like <!-- Popup Step 1 --><!-- Popup Step 2 -->, and so on. For example, here https://prnt.sc/CRMNoSnSZzC7 you can change the doctor’s name or remove it.  Alternatively, we can make the changes for you for an additional fee.

      If you have other questions just tell us, we will answer with pleasure.

      We hope you liked our theme. We will be grateful for your review.
      Have a great day 🙂

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