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    Hi Support.

    Some images are larger than it’s divs bounds, which makes some images being cropped.

    This result’s in high images with people get their head cut off, since the cropping is not based from the top.

    I tried fixing this with css, but it’s not possible since your widget is cropping the images before adding them into the html.

    See attached images.

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    Owl Themes
    Owl Themes

    Hi, Flash.

    We’ve added an option to crop thumbnails on top and it works well on our test site (theme options > blog > Thumbnails crop positions on top). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on yours. We believe it’s because of the “imagify” plugin. To get all to work you should regenerate thumbnails via the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin (Værktøjer > Regenerere miniaturebilleder). Checkbox “Spring over regenerering af eksisterende korrekte miniature størrelser (hurtigere).” must be unchecked. But as the “imagify” keeps optimized versions of your images there are no changes on the site. So you should figure out how to reoptimize these new images. Maybe you can change the optimization quality and then reoptimize.

    You can try it on individual images (see screenshot).

    Best regards.


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